There are many different ways to get involved in our marine conservation projects, and of course each person should help out in the way which works best for them. Below are some recommendations on ways that you can join or support our efforts:
  • Take a marine conservation course – The best way to help us, is to help yourself. Receive training in our 3 day to 4 week programs so that you make contribute to ongoing research and restoration projects here on the island, and take that knowledge and skill set with you wherever you travel next.
  • Conduct a research or thesis project with us - We can facilitate a wide range of research projects for Thai or international students working on thesis or post-graduate projects. Over the years we have helped many students with their project development, data collection, and publication. Plus with 10 years worth of data colelcted already, there is a lot that you can build upon.
  • Join our internship program – Want to immerse yourself in marine conservation? Do an internship for school credit, or just take a few months away from your busy life to enjoy helping paradise? Try our internship program and find out what’s its like to work as a coral reef conservationist. SCUBA dive everyday & relax in paradise every night. We can even help you find funding or sponsorships and help you get cheap accommodation when you arrive
  • Donate or help with fundraising All of our projects take money to keep them running, but usually it’s not very much. A donation of only 30 US Dollars can get materials for 6 of our students to work on artificial reefs or coral nurseries for a day. Donate through our website or host an event at your school or work to help raise money (then, if you’re lucky, come visit us and see the work done).

  • Help Spread the Word Maybe you can't donate or make it to Koh Tao, but you can still help us out greatly by sharing our links on facebook or your own websites. Tell your friends, mention it to other travelers, write an article or news release, paint a picture. . .whatever your skills are, there is a way to use them for the good of the marine environment.

Monetary Donations


If you want to support our program through a monetary donation our account details are to the left. 

All donations will be used to further the program itself but if you have an area you would like those funds to go toward please let us know. 

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