Courses for Professional Divers

In addition to our student training, we also commonly host professional divers who would like to receive training on the coral reef ecology and protection. We offer several different programs to train professional divers, depending on what they would like to receive from the program. Generally our courses for instructors tend to be more tailored to the individual to handle with work schedules and other factors specific to professional divers, but below you can see some of the options available, and please feel free to contact us for more details of how to receive specific training courses.


Generally, divemasters participating in our reef conservation choose to enroll in our Internship Program. This allows divemasters time to receive multiple certifications from Conservation Diver. This also allows divemasters to get a few months of training and experience participating in coral reef research, protection, and restoration activities, and in training or supervising other students in the activities. In addition to the internship program, we occasionally also have divemasters join us to learn and become certified in just the Ecological Monitoring Program or any on of our other ongoing projects, so that they may increase their understanding of the coral reef ecosystem and be able to participate in local data collection and reporting.

Dive Instructors and Course Directors

One of the main goals of starting the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program in 2007 was to increase the level of understanding and knowledge about the coral reef ecosystems amongst local Dive Instructors. What we observed at this time was that the diving training organizations do a great job of training instructors about the proper use of dive equipment, but teach very little about how to interact with the marine environment. Our goal is to teach instructors about this marine environment so that they may decrease the negative effects they potentially could have on it while teaching courses, and also act as better ambassadors for this environment to visitors from all over the world.

Although we have had several dive instructors join our Internship Program, the majority of dive instructors in our program are looking to receive training in the Conservation Diver program. This allows instructors to then bring the knowledge they have gained to other dive centers or other places around the world, diversify their CV, and gain entry into careers involving marine conservation. In fact some of the instructors that have gone through our program have later gone on to start their own programs here on Koh Tao and in other places around the world.

Dive Centers

We also provide training, workshops, and seminars to other dive centers. Generally these programs tend to last 1-3 days, and may be a simple as just a 1-2 hour lecture and workshop about a chosen topic from our list of current projects, or may be entail a full EMP training course. Please contact us for more information and prices.
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