Weekly Roundup June 14th - June 18th

This week was all about Coral genus, predators and diseases as well as Clams and Sharks.


We started the week with coral taxonomy when our students were introduces to 23 different genus of corals and the ways to identify them.


Next came our coral predator lecture as we took to the water to remove drupella sea snails from the reef. With 2 people we were able to remove over 1,000 individuals taking our total for the year so far to over 25,000 snails removed.


We then moved onto coral compromised health states to understand the health of the corals down our EMP lines


Diseases such as Skeletal eroding band and white syndrome were present across the line ad well as signs of predation and overgrowth from algae and tunicates.


We then took advantage of the good weather and headed out to check on our giant clams.


We rounded off the week with some freediving and give everyone another chance to learn those coral genus in the water.


corals 2

Thanks to everyone for another great week and until next time its

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Weekly Roundup June 7th - June 12th

This week was all about EMPS, Mooring lines and of course World Oceans Day

We started the week with disease and an emp survey


Then on Tuesday to celebrate World Oceans Day we started with a lecture on plastics then we had a beach clean and ended with an underwater clean up.
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Thanks to all that came along and joined us we were able to remove 159.6kg of trash from above and below the water.

We also welcomed 2 new students and a new intern into the conservation team and we spent the rest of the week learning all about indicator species and why it is important to monitor the reef ecosystem.


Flatworms, Sea Slugs and Cushion Stars are just a few of invert species.


Juvenile groupers and long fin bannerfish are included in our fish surveys.


and not forgetting the saw like septa of Ctenactis, the low cones of Diploastrea and the axial polyps of Acropora.

We look forward to next week as we jump back into coral tax and diseases.

Until next time remember its

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Weekly Roundup May 17th - May 21st

It was another great week this week as it featured fun activities above and below the water and a cheeky little night dive. 

We started the week with our Ecological Monitoring Program 


These weekly surveys give us a chance to check out the reefs and monitor for any changes that are occuring. At this time of year we are keeping an eye on the level of coral bleaching as temperatures here are on the rise. 

We then took advantage of the calm seas to jump in the water armed with our uv torches to see how different corals can look at night under blue light. 
uv 2

Its safe to say we were not dissapointed and even though the weather changed throughout the dive it was definetly worth it. 

We encountered one of the most elusive animals on these type of dives, the golden moray eel 

uv 1

It was then time to work on measuring the coral fragments on some of our stuctures. These measurements are taken throughout the year so that we can monitor survival rates and growth rates of coral. 

The team did a great job of getting everything measured up and just in time as the weather chnaged toward the end of the week. 

To round off the week we started by jumping in the water in style before having an earlier dive ready for our exciting afternoon. 

Once we were finished we headed out to meet a local lady named P'So who has a small shop that sells tie dye clothes. Not only does she sell the items but she also runs workshops to show you how to do it. 

tie dye 1

Everyone had a great time learning about the natural dyes she uses and how she achieves the colours. 
tie dye 2

Everyone got to work on their own shirt and each one came out a little bit different with the techniques she showed. It was a great way to spend the afternoon. 
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It was then time to say goobye to another intern, this time it was Conrads turn to leave island life behind as he heads back to the UK. Thank you Con, we hope to see you again soon!! 

Until next time remember its 

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Weekly Roundup May 31st - June 4th

This week brought with it a lot of laughs, some incredible sunsets, some new sites, a triggerfish attack and an unexpected trip overboard. 

We completed EMP surveys on fish, invertebrates, substrate and coral diseases. 

Took an upclose look at coral colonies and their morphological features

Went muck diving  and came across some funky looking, nudis, mantis shrimp and pipefish. 

And of course had a lot of fun above

group 2

 and below the water 

uw peeps

We saw some interesting coral health states as a lot of coral colonies and coralimorphs were affected by Acoela (notice the darker brown patches on the left and right photos) at Southwest Pinnacle and a sneaky SEB was present on an Acropora colony (middle)

health issues


This week also marked us saying goodbye to another intern. This time is was the turn of Pierre to head back home but we know we will be seeing him again soon. Have a safe trip Pierre!! 


Until next time remember its
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Weekly Roundup May 7th - May 14th 2021

Its been another great week here at NHRCP. 

We started the week off by celebrating the newest member to the Conservation Diver Instructor Team, as Brad finished his training and is now a fully fledged instructor. 

The downside to this completion meant that we also had to say Goodbye as his time here at RCP was ending. Congratulations Brad we cant wait t see whats ahead for you!!!!!!

But as we said goodbye to Brad we welcomed a new intern. Melisa is our newest recruit and we jumped right into the EMP week with her and she is already smashing throught he taxonomy. 



We took advantage of the great weather we have been having and headed to one of our favourite sites Hin Wong for a Giant Clam survey. 

people under


A happy boat for all of the weeks adventures. 


And to round of the week we headed to Chumphon Pinnacle for a scavenger hunt. 




Of course at the top of everyones scavenger list was something big and spotty and boy were we suprised when this little 2m long whale shark came passing by. (Check out the link below) 

Whaleshark at Chumphon

As always thank you to everyone for another awesome week 

Until next time remember 

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