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  Our Philosophy

Our mission at the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program has been to preserve, protect and restore the beautiful coral reef ecosystems around the island of Koh Tao, raising awareness and educating both tourists and locals about marine conservation and the plight of our planet's most biodiverse and fragile spaces. As climate change and anthropogenic stresses continue to degrade coral reefs across the globe, our staff sees it as our collective responsibility to do what we can to ensure that these beautiful underwater spaces will still be here for future generations to enjoy and explore.

For more than a decade our program has championed the safeguarding of Koh Tao's marine habitats in a variety of ways, both active and passive. From issues as all encompassing as the island's marine policy and it's artificial reefs, we take great pride in the successes we've had in improving our island's relationship with the waters that surround it, sharing our passion and knowledge with those interested in developing an understanding and sympathy with Earth's most ancient ecosystems.

Our Ocean, Our Responsibility

Marine conservation plays a crucial role in helping to keep the blue heart of our planet pumping. Join our team of marine conservationists so that you too can make a difference.

Through our many Reef Conservation Projects and Ecological Monitoring Programs, the NHRCP has continued to grow as a multi-faceted marine conservation program. Over the years the program has expanded the scope of its marine conservation efforts to include our highly successful Sea Turtle Nursery and Monitoring Program, Giant Clam Nursery Projects, Shark Population Surveying, and Electrified Artifical Reef Installments to name a few.

Joining the NHRCP is an opportunity to give back to our planet's often neglected and overlooked oceans. You'll help to protect the reefs surrounding the island of Koh Tao alongside a team of passionate, dedicated marine biologists and conservationist with a wealth of experience. Come and help us make this planet a better place.


Love Wildlife has just offered an exciting opportunity for Thai nationals to dive into a world unlike any other and to become a reef ambassador! The grant will offer the chance for a lucky candidate to join us here at the NHRCP, covering the cost of the program and a stipend for living expenses. For those of you interested in starting a journey unlike any other and you qualify, apply before January the 30th and join us for an experience you'll never forget.


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The New Heaven Reef Conservation Program is now offering recognition cards through Conservation Diver for many of our coral reef protection, research, and restoration activities.
Each card comes with the student’s picture and information, and also a description of the knowledge and skill levels they have achieved.


We spend our lives in the water and we aim to give you a once in a lifetime experience with New Heaven Dive School.

Please take the time to leave us a comment on Tripadvisor after diving with us. We love to read about our new divers experiences - and hopefully yours was as good as everyone else - otherwise we want to know too.
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