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The New Heaven Reef Conservation Program was founded by New Heaven owner Devrim Zahir and Chad Scott who had previously worked with CPAD as marine conservationists. The intent of the marine conservation program was to train Dive Instructors, Divemasters, and Advanced Divers in coral reef ecology and introduce them to the practical applications of marine conservation biology.

A 3-day course was first developed where participants would spend one day learning about reef ecology and monitoring programs, the following day helping to maintain the Taa Chaa Biorock, and ended on the final day with an underwater clean-up.

By the end of that first summer the program had only around 4 to 5 people coming along for the three day program, which at this point was only taught once per week. These first students were largely made up of professional divers or long-time friends of the dive center who had taken notice of Chad's work and underwater expertise as a marine conservationist.

Some great work was accomplished in these early days of the marine conervation program, but it was difficult at to predict the program's future trajectory. By the end of that first year, the 3 day marine conservation training program had evolved from it's humble beginnings into an intensive two week conservation program and had already begun to spread abroad. From there the reef conservation program would only continue to grow, now including a vast array of marine conservation projects and initiatives.

          Kaen and Senay release a sea turtle at the first Save Koh Tao Festivals (circa 2000)
Since our dive school first opened in 1995, we have been committed to safety, professionalism, and especially the protection of the marine resources around the island. We feel that as a business we have an inherent responsibility to protect the area where we live, work, and play. With the current global green movement, we feel strongly that it is important for businesses to truly be green, and not just in their marketing. That is why we have dedicated ourselves towards marine conservation and social projects; our own and those being undertaken together with others here on the island.
Through those early years (1995-2005) we hosted a wide range of visitors including NGOs and Universities, many of which were looking to conduct humanitarian projects and scientific research on the island. Our main collaboration however, was with Thai groups such as the Thai Royal Navy and Khun Jintana, known locally as Queen of the Giant Clams. These groups enabled us to gain important knowledge about coral reef ecology and marine conservation here in the Gulf of Thailand, allowing us to expand the scope of the program. Projects such as Mooring Line Installations, Coral Restoration, and Crown of Thorns research was carried out and the NHRCP has always been both a proud participator and supporter of such efforts, helping to ensure their success.
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