Marine Conservation Courses

Marine Conservation Course Schedule

Our marine conservation courses offer participants the opportunity to learn in-depth about marine ecology and the techniques used by reef managers around the world to manage and protect coral reef resources. After developing the knowledge, participants then practice those techniques underwater while simultaneously contributing to the conservation of the reefs around our island. Our unique program focuses on scientifically based techniques that empower local stakeholders and assist the efforts of the local community and government.

Participants in our courses also receive certifications through Conservation Diver, one of the highest quality marine conservation training organizations available. With over 13 years of experience in coral reef research, protection, and restoration, you can be sure that the courses you receive at New Heaven will prepare you for a future career in a marine ecology related field, give you real-world experience in conservation, or simply allow you to learn about and give back to the ecosystems you love.

Course Schedule (estimated)

Week 1: Day 1-4
Ecological Monitoring Program
Learn about Marine ecology, reef species, and reef monitoring techniques
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week 1: Day 5
Coral Taxonomy
Learn to identify hard corals by genera and species
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week 2: Day 1-5
artificial reefs and coral nurseries

Learn about coral nurseries, artificial reefs and mineral accretion

week 3: Day 1
Giant clams

Learn more about giants clams, their role in the ecosystem, how to survey and take measurements

Week 3: Day 2
Sharks and sea turtles

Learn more about sharks and sea turtles, how to collect data and identify individuals.

Week 3: Day 3-4
Coral predators

Learn more about the coral predators drupella snails and crown of thorns starfish (COT)

Week 3: Day 5
Marine pollution

Learn more about plastic pollution and marine debris

Week 4: Day 1
ecological monitoring program

Learn more about EMP Data collection and data input workshop

Week 4: Day 2-3
Coral restoration

Learn more about coral restoration, techniques and maintenance

Week 4: day 4
Mooring lines

Mooring lines and knots workshop

Week 4: Day 5
Seahorses and Nudibranch

Learn more about seahorses and nudibranch species around Koh Tao


Course start dates season 2020/2021

  Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept
Non Diver 14th 11th 8th 8th 5th 3rd 28th 26th 23rd 20th
Open Water Diver 17th 14th 11th 11th 8th 6th 1st July 29th 26th 23rd
Advanced Diver 21st 18th 15th 15th 12th 10th 5th July 2nd Aug 30th 27th
End Date 15-Jan 12-Feb 12-Mar 9-Apr 7-May 28-May 30-Jul 27-Aug 24-Sep 15-Oct
Length of Conservation Course, weeks 1 to 4 1 to 4 1 to 4 1 to 4 1 to 4 1 to 3 1 to 4 1 to 4 1 to 4 1 to 3

- Introduction lecture is held on Sundays 4pm, day before course start date.
- The course start dates are for minimum Advance level divers not requiring a refresh course.
- Minimum level diver to join the conservation is Advance or equivalent.

All participants in our conservation dive courses must first be certified as an Advanced level diver to ensure their safety andto prevent damages to the reef during their training.
Non-Divers need to no later than Sundays, one week prior to course start date to take the Open Water and Advance Adventurer course
Open Water-divers need to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday week before course start date.

What's included?

Dive Equipment Rental, boat and tank fees, Lecture/Presentation on theory, course materials relevant to dives completed, New Heaven Dive School company insurance when you are on our premises, on our boats and diving, but not when you are on your own. The insurance under the dive school only covers minor injuries.
Also included is daily yoga classes

Conservation Diver certification cards included in course fee:
1 day - no certification
3 days - one certification card
1 week - one certification card out of 2
2 weeks - two certification cards out of 4
3 weeks - three certification cards out of 7
4 weeks - four certification cards out of 10

Extra cards 600 Baht/card

Course prices

1-Day - 2,400 TbH (no certification)
3-Days - 7,000 TbH (with no certification)
3-Days - 7,500 TbH (including 1 certification card, Coral reef Ecology&monitoring)
1 week - 13,000 TbH (EMP and Coral Taxonomy)
2 weeks - 24,000 TbH (coral nurseries and reef restoration)
3 weeks - 36,000 TbH (giant clams, sharks, coral predators)
4 weeks - 48,000 TbH (mooring lines, nudibranchs, seahorses)

Other Information

To begin the NHRCP courses you must be certified by SSI, PADI or equivalent as an Advanced Level Diver. This means that non-divers coming to do the program must first complete the Open Water (3 Days, 11 000 THB) and the Advance Adventurer (2-3 Days, 10 000 THB). Both of which can be done with our New Heaven Dive School

Minimum age is 16 years old. If you are under 18 years old you need parental consent to join the program.

Also note that participants must be able to carry a gear bag on and off the boat, ascend stairs, and work outside and should be of physical condition to do so.

Diving is about expanding your limits; increasing your potential. And we should take that same attitude with us after we leave the water. By encouraging stewardship and responsible business practices we believe dive schools will soon be rated not by how many certifications they pump out, but by their social and environmental impact.

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