You will be amazed at how much you can learn in 1 week of marine conservation with us. The 1 week course is designed to give students a thorough overview of coral reef research and restoration techniques used by professionals around the world, and also includes several recognition card options through Conservation Diver. By joining on the 1 week conservation dive courses, students can become more aware of global threats to coral reefs and about what can be done about these. Furthermore, students contribute to conservation efforts here on Koh Tao, including research and restoration projects, and learn valuable skills which they will take with them and apply in other areas around the globe.
Recognition Card:
Various options available through Conservation Diver, one card included with course price ask us for more details.
Join the marine conservation team on daily activities for 5 days (Monday -Friday, December 15th-October 15th). Each day begins with a talk and presentation on a different topic of coral reef research, protection, or restoration; and is followed by a dive to actually practice the learned methods and techniques on one of our on-going project sites. The daily schedule will change based on the projects and restoration being conducted at the time, but generally are as follows:
  • Introduction to Marine Ecosystems and Ecology (dive to identify Marine Invertebrates in accordance with the Ecological Monitoring Program [EMP])
  • Climate change impact on coral reefs and basics of Mineral Accretion Devices (dive to maintain and trassplant corals to a mineral accretion device)
  • Artificial Reef Basics (dive to transplant corals on to and maintain artificial reefs)
  • Coral Nursery Basics and maintenance (dive to transplant corals on and off the coral nursery)
  • Seahorse Population Monitoring (Muck dive to survey for seahorses)
  • Giant Clam and Sea Turtle Nurseries and head-starting program, seahorse surveys, and much more

Cost: 13,000 baht (for Advanced Divers)

Conservation Diving
Dive Equipment Rental, boat and tank fees, Lecture/Presentation on theory, certification, course materials relevant to dives completed. Does not include accommodation, food, travel, or airfare.
Course Requirements:

To begin one of the NHRCP dive courses you must be certified by PADI or SSI as an Advanced Level Diver. This means that non-divers coming to do the program must first complete the Open Water course (3 Days, 11,000 THB) and the Advanced Course (2-3 Days, 10,000 THB). Both of which can be done with the New Heaven Dive School while staying with us here on Koh Tao..

One of the the comments we get from almost every student is that they wish they could stay longer or had booked a longer course. One week sound like it wouldn’t be enough? Also be sure to check out our 2 week, 3 week, and 4 week courses. Or even better, spend a few months really getting to know the program and practicing your underwater conservation work through one of our internship programs.
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