Plastic Pollution, how can we reduce it?

June 8th marked World Ocean’s Day, and with it the reminder to really think about our oceans and the impact we have on them through plastic pollution.

As we know, plastic pollution is a huge issue worldwide with estimates of up to 8 million tonnes of plastic making its way into waterways each year. This marine debris can now be found from the ocean’s surface down to the deep sea, with a plastic bag finding its way down to 36,000 feet (10,975 metres) in the Mariana Trench.

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Bleaching – A Bad Look for Your Hair, An Even Worse Look for Our Coral Reefs

Coral Bleaching is a phenomenon that most within the dive community are well aware of given the threats that it poses to these fragile ecosystems. But beyond this niche community, many remain ignorant of what’s happening below the waves, and advocates who bring this reality into the light are crucial players in generating the attention necessary to help protect these dying ecosystems. Back in the 90s’, bleaching was brought into the limelight by some incredibly unsuspecting groups. So unsuspecting, that they most likely did not even realize it themselves.

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Coral Bleaching on Koh Tao: May Update

Mass coral bleaching events are becoming more frequent and severe across the planet’s tropical oceans, and Koh Tao is no exception. Koh Tao has experienced several coral bleaching events over the last three decades, most notably those in 1998, 2010, 2014, and 2016. Now, it appears as though 2019 could be another bad year for the corals of our island as sea water temperatures have continued to heat up over the last few months. Coral bleaching is primarily a factor of sea water temperatures, with higher temperatures for long periods of time causing the most severe bleaching and mortality. So, we felt it was important to look at temperatures for the island over the last 20 years, using satellite data supplied by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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My Unforgettable Experience


As New Heaven Reef Conservation Interns, we are fortunate enough to get a hands-on experience with baby Hawksbill turtles. With feedings and health checks every day, a true bond is soon created. This month, I was lucky enough to release one of them into the ocean. The experience was one that was truly unforgettable and will contribute to the success of Hawksbill turtle populations for years to come. This once in a lifetime opportunity felt only appropriate to share with other conservation lovers.

jenny turt 1

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WTF is That? Valonia ventricosa

Today we are going to explore the strange and alien Valonia ventricosa, or the Sailor’s Eye. You may remember your first days diving on the coral reefs, watching all the fish and exploring the benthos. At some point in your underwater adventures you probably stumbled upon what looked to be a bit of treasure. Maybe it’s a ball of silver, or some sort of jewelry bead for giants. If you would have touched it (which hopefully you didn’t) it would have collapsed like a deflated balloon, leaving you wondering is this is something from the reef, or from the humans above?

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