Weekly Roundup March 8th - March 13th

Another great week and this week it was time for everyone to take their knowledge of corals to the sea as we started with a substrate survey and coral safari.

Our students learnt some mnemonic devices to help them remember the 23 genus covered in the first coral Taxonomy lecture and came up with some of their own.

Can you guess the genus of coral if we were to use the word Platypus?

Untitled 1

1 – Astreopora sp, 2 – Fimbriaphyllia sp, 3 – Goniastrea sp,

On Tuesday we took to our home bay of Chalok to investigate the health of the reef and to see how many of the corals were suffering from a compromised health state

Untitled 1 2


Wednesday was round 2 of coral safari and another chance to find all 23 genus on the reef. We started with an interactive session with quizzes and games and took to 3 rocks on our safari.

Untitled 3

The guys did an amazing job with the corals and the next step is Taxonomy 2


On Thursday we decided to venture away from the reef on the hunt for a creature with unusual breeding habits, the seahorse. Unfortunately we didn’t find a seahorse but we did find some cool critters and a close relative the pipefish.


To round of the week we ended with Coral Taxonomy 2 and we said goodbye to Ohm our 2 week student, come back and see us soon Ohm!!




Let’s see what the next week brings

Until then remember its

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