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Our dedicated team here at the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program has always consisted of talented, passionate marine conservationists and biologists from all over the world. Each member brings with them a different dimension to the program and offers their support and insight into their expertise. The common thread between all of us is the passion we share for our planet's oceans, so join us and dive into our world.

Kirsty - Program Manager

Kirsty is a marine biologist that arrived to Koh Tao in 2015 for a 3 month trip. She was an intern, a member of staff and now manages the program. She specialises in Sharks and Sea Turtles, loves Octopus and hates ending a dive. 

Matilde - Instructor

Mati is a marine biologist that like those before her,  came to the program first as an intern and then returned later as a staff member. This italian born instructor specialises in Coral Disease, has a hatred of Trigger Fish and a profound love of Box Fish. 

Vincent - It Guy

Vincent "Vinny" came to the program as a student in December of 2022, he extended his stay with us to become an intern and has since been helping to create a new database for our data collection. This french man loves Eagle Rays and Octopus and thinks the Titan Triggerfish is ugly.

Bob - Electrical Engineer

Robert Sevenster, a.k.a. Bob, has been a huge part of our program ever since he first joined us back in 2015. With his background in electrical engineer Bob has been able to apply his wealth of knowledge and expertise to our artificial reefs, bringing our reef conservation efforts into the 21st century through his developments of largely unexplored mineral accretion technologies. To sum up Bob in one paragraph would be an impossible task, as he falls somewhere between Mr. Miyagi - a wise meditative Kung Fu Master, and Doc from Back to the Future - an eccentric electric genius.

Devrim - Co-Founder

Devrim, "Dev" has been with the NHRCP since the beginning together with Chad and is dedicated to the preservation of Koh Tao's marine ecosystems.
Devrim is the lead conservation instructor, manager of our New Heaven Dive School and an AYP teacher and avid yoga practitioner and freediving instructor.

Chad - Co-Founder

Chad Scott is an accomplished marine biologist and is both the program's director and founder. He has championed the preservation of Koh Tao's ecosystems both in and out of the water even before he created the NHRCP back in 2007. He is somewhat of a living legend here, whether that be for his tireless drive to better both the island's ecosystem and community or his angry, adorable, little dog.
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