The marine conservation courses at the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program are designed to teach divers how to interact with the marine environment in a positive way, contribute to reef research, manage local reefs, and work on coral restoration and protection projects. 
Students of all different ages, backgrounds and locations join us on site to learn more about this important ecosystem. 

Through our marine conservation courses, students gain hand-on experience in coral reef ecology, research, protection, and restoration. Our courses run Monday through Friday, from 9:30 AM until about 4:00 PM. Generally the morning starts with a lecture and powerpoint on the days topic, then we prepare the equipment and materials for the afternoon dive. Next the team heads out to the sea to work on the day’s project, generally with one long dive of about 60-120 minutes. After the dive we debrief, discuss the days events and enter in the relevant data.

The unique location and situation on Koh Tao provides the perfect place to learn about coral reefs and the marine environment, and our school has a variety of learning options to choose from depending on the time you have with us. Whether you want to spend a day or two learning about what we do or want to spend a month actively participating in real projects or get certified as a conservation diver, we can accommodate you.

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