Robert Sevenster (a.k.a. Bob), founder of coralAID, first joined the NHRCP back in 2015 as a conservation student. With a background in electrical engineering and the drive to do good, Bob was searching for ways in which he could apply his technical expertise to help our program better protect, preserve and expand coral reefs.  After learning about the research of Professor W.H. Hilbertz and seeing first hand, the benefits and success of electrified artificial reefs here on Koh Tao, Bob set to work creating his own open source Mineral Accretion Devices (MAD).
By the end of that very first year Bob had already built and installed his first MAD in Taa Cha, which came complete with its own floating solar panel used to power the device. Since then Bob has returned to Koh Tao every year to continue to refine and perfect his designs, educating and involving our students at every step in the process. The incredible success of his latest coralAID site in Ao Leuk is a testament to Bob’s hard work and plans are currently underway to continue expanding the site.
Bob’s efforts aren’t restricted to Koh Tao. Through his company coralAID, Bob plans to make the technologies he’s developing available to reef conservationists across globe. As anthropogenic and environmental pressures continue to grow, people like Bob and technologies like the MAD will play a crucial role in the fight to save these fragile ecosystems. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have Bob working with us, as he’s helped bring our restoration techniques into the 21st century. To read more on coralAID, visit Bob's website here: http://coral-aid.org/.

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